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NEW Cocktails at Windsor!

Windsor’s mixology team does it again! They’ve released a second round of Winter cocktails that are perfect for warming up the last of Arizona’s chilly nights.


(descriptions below start from top to bottom)

– No. 23 –

Matusalem platino rum, Becherovka, fresh lemon & apple chamomile syrup

– The Classic –

Amsterdam gin, olive-infused Dolin vermouth, extra-virgin olive oil, Maldon smoked sea salt & Poblano-stuffed Castelvatrano olives

– No. 73 –

Amsterdam gin, apple juice, fresh lemon syrup & walnut bitters

– No. 50 –

Dickel rye, Frangelico, Presidente, Benedictine & house chai tea

– No. 28 –

Benchmark, muddled sage, fresh lemon, simple syrup & Angostura bitters


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New Cocktails at Windsor

We’re getting really excited for the warmer summer months here at Upward Projects.  To help welcome summer, we’ve mixed up four new cocktails over at Windsor.

Stop in today to enjoy a new beverage!

Windsor Beverages

You can start by giving No. 21 a taste.

It’s a mix of rum, luxardo maraschino, sangue morlacco, and fresh lime.


Try the No. 93 for a tantalizing mix of

citrus vodka, pineapple, house orgeat, and peppadew syrup.


Or maybe you’d like the No. 87 for its beautiful concoction of

currant infused rye, becherovka, ginger beer, and fresh lime.


Finally, if you like it tart check out the No. 4 with a blend of

gin, fresh grapefruit, hop bitters, and cardamom syrup.


What are you going to sip on first!?

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