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Local Loving: Frances Vintage

We have some seriously kick-ass neighbors.  We’re planted in an awesome area full of locally owned stores and we’re lucky enough to call most of them friends!  We caught up with Frances Vintage and chatted about how they got their start, why they love their community, and what goes on behind the scenes of this sweet little shop.

Francis Vintage

Georganne Bryant, the owner of Frances/Smeeks is a native Arizonan who always had a dream of owning her own shop.  After much encouragement from friends, Georganne took the plunge in 2006 with Frances Vintage.

Francis Vintage
Francis Vintage

This charming shop fits many different aesthetics and has a wide range of prices on the interesting and unique treasures which are carefully curated in the store.  Frances sells clothing, toys, home goods, and oddities for women, men, and children.  Many of the pieces are made by local designers and even more have great stories behind them like the jewelry from the Shine Project or the bowties from Dapper + Dash.  You can find Frances at their home store on Camelback and Central in Phoenix as well as in The Union at Biltmore Fashion Center.

Francis Vintage

In your opinion, what are the must-have fashion items?

You have to have your staple items that you feel awesome in.  Your go-to pair of boots, a great dress, or your perfectly worn-in jeans.  You should always wear something that makes you feel great about yourself.

What are three things everyone should know about Frances?

1. We celebrate unique style and women of all ages and sizes.

2. All of the ladies who work at Frances are not just employees, they are part of a family.

3.  On everyone’s anniversary the ladies in the store write their “top 10” favorite things about that person.  It’s a total celebration of love and one of their favorite traditions.

Who are you inspired by?

Everything vintage.  Our grandmothers!  We also love Matchbook Magazine, Lucky Magazine, A Beautiful Mess, and Sarah Rhodes of Arrow and Apple.

You work with some awesome local vendors that have some equally awesome stories.  What is your favorite?

We carry a line of local jewelry from a company called Shine Project.  The owner is this incredibly passionate gal and the business has such an incredible cause.  She gives scholarships to kids who are, for the most part, the first person going to college from their families.  She employes these kids while they’re in high school and they make the jewelry which raises money to send them to college.  It’s just such an awesome premise.  She saw a need for support for under-privileged high school kids and took action–we love that!

You’ve just moved over to The Union and are making a space for yourself in a larger community.  What’s next for Frances?

Our next big goal is to find more ways to get involved in our communities.  We’ve loved being over at The Union because it’s given us the chance to meet so many new people.  We’ve always had a passion for our customers and our space in Phoenix so we love giving back.  We host workshops in the store that bring together local artists and customers for a night of learning and fun.  We’re really looking forward to some other events we’ve got coming up.  This month we’re hosting a One Day Without Shoes event and in May we’ll be having a ton of fun for our Anniversary Weekend.  We can’t wait to see what’s after that!

Francis Vintage

To keep up with Frances check out their website or follow along on their blog.

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Local Loving: Dapper + Dash

Dapper+Dash Promo Photos_13

Dapper + Dash is a local company that re-purposes vintage clothing and materials into beautifully crafted bow ties. They’re all about local and look to change more than just your style with their bow-ties. We caught up with owner/founder Aaron Kimberlin to learn more about this new company!

Dapper+Dash Promo Photos_2

Where can we find your goods?

Frances Vintage, Mercantile, Here on the Corner, Cleo and Celmentine,

and online at Dapper + Dash’s home page!

How did you get into the world of bow-ties?

I was always into design and architecture and saw what companies like Upward were doing with reusing old buildings and wanted to do something similar.  My grandfather passed away and left me a bunch of neckties from the 60s and 70s that were way out of style but still had these incredible patterns.  Rather than getting rid of them, I decided I could save them and use them and give them a new life.  A lot of people are re-purposing neckties from this era by slimming them down but that seemed too easy so I decided to rework them into bow-ties.  I found a seamstress and we created three different patterns and from that Dapper + Dash was born.

Who are the top 3 people you like to see in your bow ties? (alive or dead)

  1. Charles Eames
  2. Greg Stanton, The Mayor of Phoenix
  3. Tina Fey

What’s been the coolest part of selling these re-purposed bow-ties?

I’d say the coolest part is being able to give new life to old things.  It’s so inspirational to be a part of that cycle.  Another cool thing that’s happened is we’ve sent bowties around the world.  We’ve had orders all across the U.S. but also internationally in London, Milan, New Zealand, and Australia.  We’ve also had some well-known faces wear our bowties which has been awesome.

I noticed on your site that you had some ladies rockin’ bow ties.  How do you feel about this cross-over in style?

It’s definitely something we’d like to delve a bit deeper into in the future. We really believe you can break down borders with a bowtie.  It’s an empowerment tool—it doesn’t just have to be for men.  We’ve actually had more women approach us than men who want to wear bowties.  Whether it’s men or women it’s all about the story behind the bowtie.  People love that it has a history.

What’s next for Dapper + Dash?

We’re coming up on our one year anniversary and we’re going to host a big party on March 22nd to celebrate.  At the event we’re going to roll out some new lines, debut a kick-starter for a really great collaboration with us and Safwat Saleem, and just enjoy some drinks and style.


Dapper+Dash Promo Photos_8

images c/o Jason + Anna Photography

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Guys, we had a BLAST at Devoured.  We ate, we drank, we drank some more, and we shared food with all of you.  We listened to some cool music, danced while we chopped, and ate one too many grasshoppers (totally worth it).  We put short rib inside a ravioli, gave you brand-new-not-even-on-the-menu bruschetta, and we put together some salads that would make anyone love leafy green things.

Devoured Collage

Enough about us–let’s talk about YOU!  We loved laughing over brownies, sharing carefully crafted cocktails, dancing to great music, and learning from amazing chefs during demonstrations.  Our lists are stacked tall with new places to try and we’re looking forward to seeing you all again.  Thanks for making our weekend an excellent one!!

The Gun Show
Lester & Jeremy
Egg, Billy, Jet
Risotto Demonstration

Short Rib Ravioli

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