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Tattoosday – Sammy Gonzales

Tattuesday: Sammy Gonzales

Q:  Where do you work and what do you do?
A:  I work at Windsor as a server.

Q:  How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
A:   I was thirteen years old.

Q:  Any significant meaning behind your feature tattoo?
A:  The tattoo means a lot to me because the guy who did it also did my father’s first tattoo. He was a very old man who had just got released from prison. The tattoo was done with a guitar string and a tape deck. It is not the best quality but it is my absolute favorite.

Tattuesday: Sammy Gonzales

Q:  What would you leave on the moon, if you could leave any object?
A:  A hot rod! Not a toy – a real one.

Q:  Who is your biggest inspiration?
A:  My grandfather. He taught me about cars, music, fashion and over all, just how to be a good man.

Q:  Give me your best words of wisdom?
A:  Don’t take anything for granted. Don’t eff it up.

Tattuesday: Sammy Gonzales

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NEW Cocktails at Windsor!

Windsor’s mixology team does it again! They’ve released a second round of Winter cocktails that are perfect for warming up the last of Arizona’s chilly nights.


(descriptions below start from top to bottom)

– No. 23 –

Matusalem platino rum, Becherovka, fresh lemon & apple chamomile syrup

– The Classic –

Amsterdam gin, olive-infused Dolin vermouth, extra-virgin olive oil, Maldon smoked sea salt & Poblano-stuffed Castelvatrano olives

– No. 73 –

Amsterdam gin, apple juice, fresh lemon syrup & walnut bitters

– No. 50 –

Dickel rye, Frangelico, Presidente, Benedictine & house chai tea

– No. 28 –

Benchmark, muddled sage, fresh lemon, simple syrup & Angostura bitters


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Pre-Order your Thanksgiving Goodies!

We know that putting together an entire Thanksgiving menu can be exhausting…let Upward Projects help you whip up some special treats that your guests will LOVE!

Windsor & Churn are accepting pre-orders until Wednesday, November 19th by calling our catering line: 602-297-EATS

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No. 13 – Halloween Cocktail at Windsor

Windsor is getting into the spooky spirit of Halloween with this featured cocktail – No. 13.

This hauntingly good libation will be available starting Monday, October 27th – November 1st! $9.50$5 during happy hour (11am-5pm)


Inside the No. 13 Cocktail:

St. George Dry Rye Gin, Cocchi Americano, Aperol, Cointreau, Fresh Lemon & Orange.

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Windsor’s Summer of Brew Dinner Series

It’s our favorite time of year!!! Join us for our Summer Beer Dinner Series featuring some of the pioneers of craft brew. These memorable meals are inspired dishes from our chefs, complimented by only the finest of beer!


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